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V-MODA: enjoy the hottest season of the year with style

V-MODA headphones, an award-winning Italian brand, have just arrived in the Brazilian market by Roland Corporation, the leading manufacturer and distributor of musical instruments and electronic equipment.

Well known for design, high quality, versatility and customization, the portable models are the choice of international DJs, such as the Brazilian Alok.

Enjoy the hottest season of the year with style. Among the options are the Over Ear Crossfade Wireless, Over Ear Crossfase 2 Wireless and Over Ear M-100 products, ideal for music and technology lovers.

It is possible to pair the Over Ear Crossfade Wireless with up to two sources at a time, up to 10 meters away, listening to up to 12 hours of good wireless music.

This model uses SteelFlex technology, adjusting itself to the shape of the head, plus 30-minute fast charging, built-in microphone and noiseless sound.

Over Ear Crossfase 2 Wireless is another V-MODA product featuring modern design. The major highlight goes to the sound insulation from the rubberized headphone.

It also offers plenty of entertainment with up to 14 hours of music and editing via the USB V-Micro cable. 

Over Ear M-100 is the first headphone developed after consumer research. This model is excellent for those who seek to live a real sound experience, much more pure and powerful.

Ergosoft foam cushions ensure more comfort, and it is possible to customize the headphone with 3D printing or laser engraving. The structure is made with synthetic leather.

The iconic fashion brand from Milan promotes a very authentic musical lifestyle offering timeless and innovative products with unparalleled quality.

Source: V-MODA | Roland Corporation – images: release (January, 2019)

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