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2018 Top Destinations

A recent Euromonitor International report, which considered more than 600 cities worldwide, reveals 2018 main destinations according to the number of visitors and international tourists.

In fact, cities are significant for concentration of wealth and business opportunities. There are currently 33 large cities with more than 10 million inhabitants, and another six will join the same list by 2030.

Destinations such as Mumbai, Porto, Osaka and Jerusalem remain promising with considerable growth. In Asia, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Macau and Kuala Lumpur are Top 5 destinations respectively.

In China, with a growth of 7% in 2018, Hong Kong opens the arms to the Chinese visitors (more than 50%). Despite the incredible number of shopping centers, mountains and vegetation total more than 70%, contributing to the growth of sustainable tourism.

London, Paris, Istanbul, Rome and Antalya appear as the Top 5 in the list of European destinations. London is one of the cities that has fully embraced the idea of ​​sharing economy, being, for example, the largest market for Airbnb.

About the Americas, although the study has focused on North and Central America, destinations such as Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro are among the Top cities.

With more than 3% growth in 2018, New York is the first in that ranking, followed by Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Cancun. Orlando, Toronto and Punta Cana are also among the Top 10 on the list.

New York City is unique, one of the most iconic and popular destinations in the world where accommodations are expensive. Research shows that more than 67% of hotel rooms are classified as luxury apartments.

Meanwhile, the Middle East and Africa ranking shows Dubai as the main destination, in addition to Mecca, Johannesburg, Riyadh and Cairo respectively.

According to Dubai tourism, which grew by more than 5% in 2018, it is estimated that 20 million tourists visit this location by 2020. Dubai is being promoted as the Top destination for leisure and business.

In addition, Dubai is one of the most innovative cities, introducing new technologies like smart palms on beaches and testing with flying taxis. At the airport, a facial recognition tunnel was installed with more than 80 cameras.

By 2030, more than 25% of the transportation will be autonomous, including bus lines and other vehicles with no drivers. In the overall ranking, Hong Kong occupies the first position, and Dubai is in seventh place.

In the Top 100 destinations, London appears as the third city on the list, while New York City is in eighth place. Rio de Janeiro is the only Brazilian destination in the ranking, occupying the number 94.

Source: Euromonitor International – images: release (January, 2019)

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