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Beach Club Las Piedras opens in Punta del Este

In partnership with Fasano Las Piedras Hotel, Beach Club Las Piedras is scheduled to open in Punta del Este, Uruguay, on December 27th.

The destination, once considered the most luxurious one in South America, will have one more hotspot for locals and tourists, including celebrities, of course.

Roger Rodrigues will be in charge of the Beach Club Las Piedras, along with Fernanda Motta, and the project is signed by the architects Carolina Proto, Juliana Bassani and Fernanda Schuch of the Obra Prima office.

To guarantee sophistication to the new space, the professionals bet on the black for bringing refinement, as well as the brown tones and organic materials like woods and ropes.

During the summer season, Beach Club Las Piedras will be open from 12 hrs, offering Menu signed by the Italian restaurant Bottega Bernacca and Chef Gerard Barberan.

The famous Sunset Party will take place until 9 pm with excellent music, DJs and heavenly scenery (the space will be on the beach sand) for an experience like no other.

Source: Beach Club Las Piedras – images: release (December, 2018)

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