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Porsche lovers: Flacht and 911 Restaurant open in São Paulo

For Porsche fans and passionate about cars, Flacht, a motorsport and classic center, is a mandatory spot in São Paulo city, as well as 911 Restaurant, which opens the doors today (30) to the public, located on the rooftop of the building that occupies more than 1000 square meters.

Specialized in German brand’s new and old car models, Flacht, whose name is a reference to the city of the Porsche GT line in Germany, also provides services to other premium cars in Jardins neighborhood.

Not only for those waiting for the car to get ready, but for any speed and competition lover, or fan of good food, 911 is waiting now to showcase purism and perfection in creative dishes prepared by Chef Daniela Malavasi.

As a Porsche themed restaurant, it offers five sophisticated environments that include a retractable rooftop terrace and a signature cocktail bar with drinks signed by the bartender Giovanni Schiesaro.

Chef Daniela Malavasi brings in her dishes strong contemporary elements combined with Brazilian ingredients for a very smart and balanced fusion. The cuisine privileges carefully selected organic products.

The name of the restaurant is a tribute to the most emblematic model, one of the most important sports cars of all time. 911 will transport everyone to an unusual journey of tastes, guaranteeing experiences that remain in the memory.

Flacht and 911 Restaurant are big bets of businessmen Brandon Crozier and Claudiene Brito, who joined the pilot and mechanic Ricardo Landi.

Address: Alameda Lorena, 2101, Jardins, São Paulo, Brazil. Phones: + 55 (11) 4780-9992 and + 55 (11) 4780-9802.

Chef Daniela Malavasi

Source: Flacht and 911 Restaurant – images: release and personal archive (November, 2018)

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