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ACH145 Line: luxury in the skies

Helibras, the only helicopter manufacturer in Brazil and a subsidiary of Airbus Helicopters, has just delivered the first ACH145 Line in the world to the Brazilian company Bodepan.

The prefix ACH refers to the new brand Airbus Corporate Helicopters, created for the luxury executive aviation market, offering consultancy in design, customization and differentiated care services.

The ACH145 line, manufactured in Germany, is synonymous with more sophistication and comfort. The aircraft’s interior can be quickly configured according to the customer’s wishes and needs, who also chooses the best colors and finishes.

In addition to the spacious luggage compartment, acoustic insulation and state-of-the-art digital air conditioning, the helicopter’s big differential is that it takes off with full tank and maximum capacity – 10 people, 9 passengers and 1 pilot.

As a luxury model, of course, ACH145 Line focuses on exclusivity and customer experience. Power of 1,072 horses, style and emotion characterize very well the best biturbine in the category, with the versatility of light aircraft in the market and the elegance of medium-sized.

The helicopter takes off with a maximum of 3,800 kg, completely stable, reaching the maximum cruising speed of 250 km/h.

For a luxury like this, the customer must be willing to pay around $ 11 million. Enter here for a complete datasheet of the ACH145.

Source: Helibras – images: release and personal archive (November, 2018)

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