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In Rio de Janeiro, Pininfarina decorates apartment at Riserva Golf

In Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Riserva Golf by RJZ Cyrela invited the Italian design studio Pininfarina to decorate a 648-square-meter apartment.

Internationally known for the incredible Ferrari and Maserati projects, Pininfarina privileges the view of the region, as Riserva Golf is situated in one of Barra’s most wooded areas. With the large windows, it is very easy to see the green of the Olympic Golf Course, as well as the blue sea, vegetation and skyline of the neighborhood.

In the apartment, aesthetics and functionality shine together. All furniture, home furnishings and details are inspired by luxury cars, featuring aerodynamic movements. With chandeliers that offer warmth, the space gets its own art gallery with pieces representing the studio’s projects, such as the Ferrari 458, the air traffic center tower at Istanbul Airport, Turkey, and the Bovet clock. The use of wood is a special detail there, matching pretty well with the light color palette.

In addition to minimalism and a very fluid design, the apartment reveals a room designed for music lovers. It is an exclusive area with graffiti and cosmopolitan references. There is a drums brought by the Italian studio itself, plus a suspended armchair attached to the ceiling – listen to great music with the feeling of floating!

The exclusivity is also present in collectors’ objects handpicked by the Pininfarina team. Cambiano Kauri, for example, is a pen made from one of the oldest and rarest woods in the world; the H2 Speed ​​2016 stroller is a limited edition cedar piece; Magnat LZR 980 is the perfect headphone for those who are passionate about music.

The master suite has a large closet and a dark and light marble bathroom. Plus, the revolving bed provides a unique creative experience: you can choose which landscape to sleep and wake up to. Can you imagine?

Source: Riserva Golf | Pininfarina – images: release (August, 2019)

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