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Hard Rock Hotel: discover the artists honored in Brazil

Hard Rock Hotel has just announced the list of artists that will be on the walls of the lobby, corridors and suites at the Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel Fortaleza, the brand’s first hotel expected to open in 2020 in the country.

In the lobby, Bob Marley welcomes guests, while Ariana Grande will be the star of the hotel’s gym. Beyoncé is the highlight of the rooms and apartments, as well as Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix. The charming suite, including balcony, private pool, bar, TV room and living room, pays homage to Rihanna. Other suites will have the strong presence, in great images, of Anitta and Pink.

The operation of the Hard Rock hotels in Brazil will have the concept of real estate fraction as a base, with the signature Residence Club at the Hard Rock Hotel. The real estate fraction is a business model that follows the shared economy trend, consisting of buying a fraction of a property as a second home for vacation. Fortaleza and Ilha do Sol, in Paraná, are already offering the fractions.

Source: Hard Rock Hotel – images: release (July, 2019)

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