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Emirates celebrates World Chocolate Day

With the World Chocolate Day now coming, celebrated on July 7, Emirates is happy to tell about the variety of desserts and chocolate sweets served in all classes during flights.

Each year, more than 11 million gourmet chocolates from manufacturers around the world are purchased by the airline. The sweets are part of the gastronomic experience on board, signed by award-winning Chefs.

In First and Business Class, passengers can taste chocolates from eight different brands and from six nations passionate about chocolate. In addition to the premium names from many corners in the world, Emirates also offers handmade chocolates from the United Arab Emirates, such as Forrey & Galland and Coco Jalila. Among other brands are Godiva (Belgium), Valrhona (France), Canonica (Switzerland), Pacari (Ecuador), Neuhaus (Belgium) and Hotel Chocolat (United Kingdom).

The same selection of chocolates is served during flights for three months, followed by a new selection to delight the airline’s frequent flyers.

Sweets are served on all Emirates routes, and passengers flying all classes can also choose hot chocolate from the Menu. During longer flights, chocolate bars are among the snacks, and in the A380 lounge, customers have M&Ms, cakes and other options prepared with chocolate. Flying Emirates, finally, chocolate is everywhere!

Source: Emirates – images: release (July, 2019)

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