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Nespresso presents a tribute to the world’s first Coffee Houses

As a time capsule, the pioneering Nespresso provides a journey to cafes of centuries ago in Turkey and Italy, launching the limited edition Coffee Houses.

There are two versions, available in the brand’s boutiques since June, inspired by the first coffee houses – Café Istanbul and Caffè Venezia.

Café Istanbul is the perfect choice for traditional black coffee lovers, with intense and oriental notes, “driving” those tasting directly to the time when coffee shops in the area were seen as a postcard of the city.

With a more delicate profile and referring to the European culture, Caffè Venezia represents the coffee houses as true trend-setters, with fusion of cultures and expressions.

Nespresso continues to seek the world’s most special grains, always aiming to offer unique experiences to consumers, as well as promoting innovation.

The new limited edition Coffee Houses includes coffees with intensity from 7 (Venezia) to 10 (Istanbul). Café Instanbul has exotic personality with intense spicy and toasted black pepper notes; Caffè Venezia blends grains from the ancient Ethiopian city of Harrar with Indian arabica to recreate wild and floral notes. 

Source: Nespresso – images: release (July, 2019)

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