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Airbnb Luxe: new category for exclusive travel

Offering a new approach to luxury travel, Airbnb has just launched Airbnb Luxe new category with over two thousand spectacular properties around the world.

In addition to amazing properties and breathtaking views, Airbnb Luxe also includes travel designer and VIP concierge service 24 hours a day, and seven days a week.

Airbnb, founded eleven years ago by Brian and Joe, was born as a platform for booking vacant rooms, whole houses, reaching the Airbnb Plus and boutique hotels. Now the creation of the Airbnb Luxe new category enables unique and personalized experiences, but more accessible to all.

Imagine staying in award-winning homes in New Zealand and South Africa, or in castles in France and villas in Tuscany? Fans of literature, for example, could spend some time and take their inspiration from the seafront at the luxurious The Fleming Villa in Jamaica, where Ian Fleming was inspired to write his famous novels.

Evaluated rigorously from more than 300 criteria, the new properties have been handpicked in very special corners, integrating the platform with high design standards, plus functionality, of course.

As soon as the booking of the accommodation is carried out, there is nothing to worry about: an Airbnb Luxe specialist guarantees effortless check-in and then coordinates all the experiences and activities according to what the guest is looking for.

The launch of the category further proves that sophisticated travelers want more than simply wonderful accommodations. What is really important is the offer of memorable experiences to connect people, and connecting them to destinations.

Visit this link for more information and to discover Airbnb Luxe. Have a lovely trip!

Source: Airbnb Luxe – images: release (June, 2019)

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