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Levasseur Rum is inspired by Seychelles

Seychelles archipelago, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, was just honored with a premium drink inspired by pirates and lost treasures: Levasseur Rum.

Rum is important in the history of this destination, and has always been produced in a handmade way and with a lot of quality. According to tradition, aging the distillate in old barrels results in the most authentic drink with personality.

Due to the trade routes, in the middle of the sixteenth century, boats loaded with precious metals sailed the region. Interested in stealing goods, the pirates saw Seychelles as a strategic place to hide.

The pirate Olivier Levasseur, an admirer of the good life, gastronomy and drinks, hid a large treasure of more than 1 billion dollars, which has not been found yet. Levasseur Rum is inspired by this quirky Seychelles character.

Produced in aged Bourbon keg, the premium drink has intriguing flavor and aroma of oak, vanilla and caramel. The flavor refers to nuts, vanilla, cinnamon and whiskey, ending with a dash of cinnamon and honey.

Whoever visits the country can taste the delicious rum, a reflection of Seychelles, the unique stories and a quite relaxed way of life. Cheers!

Source: Seychelles – images: release (June, 2019)

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