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Heineken Experience in Amsterdam

Not only for those who like a good and ice-cold beer, but the Heineken house is a mandatory stop in Amsterdam for tours full of history, welcoming locals and tourists in a warm way.

Heineken Experience is a real experience in the construction from 1867, situated in the heart of the city. The most incredible of all is being able to live past episodes of the brewery, and still “dive” and “be transformed” into the beer.

Exploring the Heineken home takes about 90 minutes, and Tour options are available 365 days a year. All visits are offered with audio in English. For those who want to experience the brewery with more exclusivity and in a more personal way, it is better to choose the VIP Tour (55 euros), including preferential access to activities, special beer and bites tasting in a secret bar, as well as a personalized bottle with the name of the participant on it.

In addition to the history of a strong international brand, Heineken Experience also explores the brewing process and innovations, highlighting what makes Heineken a true star.

It is very curious to discover (or simply confirm) that the famous beer is the result of only four natural ingredients and is strongly present in sporting events like Formula 1 and UEFA Champions League.

And it’s not just that. To live the experience at Heineken house is to feel how much each team member integrates this universe with a value, being happy with all brand’s heritage. In addition, it means understanding that it is not just a drink known in every corner of the world, but an entire family that is open arms to toast and make new friends – this is the proposal at the end of each Tour: raising very fresh and cold Heineken glasses and thanking for that unique moment. And to never forget: in the official store, select and take home exclusive products that you can only find there. Simple is that. 

For more information on Tour options, visit Heineken Experience. Address: Stadhouderskade 78, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Source: Heineken Experience – images: release (June, 2019)

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