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Take the extraordinary wherever you go: Honda invites you to explore the authentic Mato Grosso in Brazil

What is extraordinary for you? To travel, to have infinite possibilities ahead and to be surprised in every way, from experiences in the memory, can be extraordinary. Our Brazil is a country with so much to offer: enriching landscapes, creative gastronomy and warm hearts. Wherever we go, we take the extraordinary to add to the list of our lifelong learning.

Mato Grosso is a Brazilian region with its peculiarities, including the wonderful nature that confirms that everything is possible. The atmosphere is light with the species that paint the day to day with the more joyful colors. It is amazing how the sweet taste blends very well with the salty, giving desire to want more. And the great optimism, as well as the sincere pride of the people, seem like the results of a magic wand.

The Honda Caravan has no limits! It invites you to explore the unexpected wherever you go. WR-V, HR-V and CR-V, the three brand’s SUVs with distinct personalities, show the different sides of Mato Grosso. They are sensational together, no matter the weather, nor the path. From Cuiabá to Chapada dos Guimarães, the experiences are authentic with sun, rain and obstacles on the road. On board the cars, you get where you want and the way you dream. Emotions come like the almost five hundred waterfalls that brighten the Chapada region. For all tastes, the best trip ever is the one thought for you.

Seeking adrenaline and sensations that only appear on the roads, WR-V is the first Japanese model developed in Brazil. It combines the features of an SUV and a compact vehicle, ensuring safety and agility for excerpts with adventure. Emotions are great when driving the “Little Giant”, which meets the needs from the versatility that impresses. In Mato Grosso, going through the most complicated terrain and having no problems is a sign that its sportsmanship, combined with technology, is extraordinary. And the driving experience becomes even more complete with the admiration of the landscapes – our Brazil is rich and it is green too! To have the trip you’ve always wanted, take a deep breath and thank every second for a special companion that is ready for everything. It’s a blessing to be able to live moments like this!

Honda‘s best-selling SUV, the HR-V, revolutionises by offering refined coupe design and ample internal minivan space. Traveling and tasting the local gastronomy with new seasonings and fresh ingredients is just like saying: “driving this car gives me a lot of pleasure and comfort!” The greater connectivity on board, together with the improved sound insulation, allow courses with that little taste, but dosed in the right measure – customized in their own way. Here the extraordinary is to set the course and route you prefer, getting there any way you want. The elegant atmosphere of the HR-V makes the Mato Grosso scenery even more beautiful! Who doubts?

CR-V is the extraordinary with all the letters and how you can imagine. The model’s fifth generation with the first turbocharged engine makes any obstacle in the middle of the road simple to handle. Even the mud will not ruin your performance! Are you with me in this? Bold and premium, as well as the 110 acres of Malai Manso, a resort reference in the region where animals are free; and the right combinations of Chef Ariani Malouf, owner at the award winning Mahalo restaurant in Cuiabá, drawing dishes as if they were the purest paintings – artworks for real. CR-V is synonymous with precision on the road, combining perfectly with the determining lines of Cidade de Pedra in the Chapada dos Guimarães, a postcard of this destination.

There are three cars for three different personalities. But, three SUVs that offer unique experiences. Just like the Véu de Noiva waterfall with its 86 meters high and sandstone walls, another destination in a so Brazilian region that attracts visitors from all world. A place where it is very easy to forget the problems and mentalize positive energies, desiring more and more memorable moments. And nothing better than traveling with the company of a good and evolved friend who will not leave you in the hand, whatever it is, taking the extraordinary wherever you go.

Source: Honda | Novo Luxo – images: release (June, 2019)

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