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Magnifica, Alitalia Business Class, introduces new Menu

Alitalia Business Class, Magnifica, is offering a new Menu inspired by the different regions of Italy, available until 31 August and also on flights departing from Brazil.

For breakfast, the airline Menu includes yogurts, fruit, selection of breads, omelette with leeks and potatoes served with sausage and grilled tomatoes.

For lunch and dinner meals, appetizers such as potato flan with pesto and green bean salad and olives, as well as a roll of dried meat with goat cheese mousse, chives and lemon peel are available.

The options to start are Fusilli alla Puttanesca (pasta with tomato sauce, capers, olives and anchovies) or pasta with fresh tomato sauce, olive oil and basil.

Main courses include filet with mushrooms and potato rosti, and fish fillet with seasoned vegetables and boiled potatoes with parsley. Along with the dishes, accompaniments are served, such as fresh salad, selection of cheeses and dried fruits.

Magnifica also offers two desserts – fresh seasonal fruits and ricotta pie with raisins and chocolate cream.

In addition to beverages at any time, including wines, passengers flying business class can also order special drinks: Aperol Spritz, Campari Spritz and Mimosa. Alitalia still shares recent news: it is now possible to enjoy different Lavazza coffees and teas during flights.

In Brazil, the airline has daily flights to Rome and connections from Rio de Janeiro and two flights departing from São Paulo. Alitalia flies to 26 destinations in Italy and 68 international with a fleet of 118 aircraft.

Source: Alitalia – images: release (June, 2019)

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