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In partnership with Lancôme, Chiara Ferragni launches exclusive Makeup collection

With the global launch scheduled for June, Chiara Ferragni presents her first Makeup collection in partnership with Lancôme.

The most powerful Fashion influencer, according to Forbes magazine, as well as global muse of the French brand, has more than 16 million followers on Instagram. Being a versatile woman, Chiara is an inspiration to other influencers and brands.

As a first collaboration between the Italian and Lancôme, the collection comes with the proposal of being exclusive, reflecting the dynamic and cosmopolitan lifestyle, based on Chiara’s needs and Makeup products, who emphasizes: “I wanted to create a Makeup collection that was 100% my style. This is why Lancôme and I joined forces. We work in products and communication relevant to the girls of my generation. Flirt, inspiration and fun are the keywords for the creation of this totally empowering project. I deeply believe that Makeup is a powerful weapon for us to feel better about ourselves, to face our daily challenges and to achieve our goals with force”

The palette pack for eyes and lips, for example, is metallic pink with eye drawing, a strong identification and the influencer’s logo. In addition to unique products, the collection also includes very creative limited editions.

In Italy, the new Chiara Ferragni and Lancôme collection is available exclusively at Douglas cosmetics store. Visit this link to discover the products!

Source: Lancôme – images: release (June, 2019)

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