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Conservatorium Hotel: unbeatable luxury in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is inspiring. With its flowers and many colors, especially during spring, it is a city to live experiences that will hardly be forgotten. A creative destination that continues to inspire and train new artists – many museums tell the history of Amsterdam and make it, in a way, coveted by many tourists and travelers looking for culture and art coupled with a sincere and charming landscape. Art is breathed in the Rijksmuseum and in so many others. In this attraction, there are temporary exhibitions such as “All the Rembrandts”, a very special collection of artworks by the painter that marks his 350th birthday. It is the largest Rembrandt collection in the world, available on the spot until June. Amsterdam is a time machine that transports places and visitors to the most desirable times – explore, for example, points that have meaning for this complex artist, businessman and teacher. Enjoy every minute in the city that radiates its own brilliance, a light-filled glow, and internationally known for diamonds and savoir-faire; for an immersion in the Dutch spirit, the markets are fantastic with one of the world’s most famous cheeses. By the way, Holland’s cheese is my favorite. Get ready to be perplexed by the great offer – the combination of flavor, texture and premium ingredients, with editions ranging from three to twenty four months of fermentation, limited and Vintage ones, makes cheeses a part of local history. Outdoor, there are several charming bars and restaurants where you can try a good beer or a tasting meal, harmonized with beautiful wines, which tells the story itself. In addition to being cozy and a city that embraces you, Amsterdam is clean and sustainable – in the spring, like magical paintings, the leaves of the trees are everywhere, and a rest beneath them will always be deserved. The more than one hundred kilometers of Canals allow different visions, but they are completed together; give rhythm and move the destination that, every second, has something new to offer.

Hospitality is also an art. There is a talk of a must stop in Europe for luxury hotels and impeccable service. In other words, Amsterdam should be on the list of all who seek memorable experiences in every way. As a The Set member, Conservatorium Hotel is crowned the number 1 luxury hotel in the Netherlands. Since its opening in 2011, it lavishes tradition and classic connected to modern design. Conservatorium is at Museum Square, and there is no better location than this – Van Gogh Museum is next door, as well as being one step away from the most gracious street for shopping. This hotel complements the colors of the city, welcoming guests who are accelerated in ideas to together build a prosperous future. It is absurdly rich in creativity, where luxury and discovery have no limits. Its construction is monumental and elegant as an oasis for those who enjoy sophistication and stories to tell. From 1897, a bank and, soon after, a music school formed its timeline. Impressions of art and flowers are everywhere: in addition to scattered artworks, the rooms earn unique decorations for lovely stays. The flowers are an important part of the Conservatorium’s receptivity – twice a week the florist Menno Kroon replenishes the areas with the freshness of the new flowers. Luxury is in every detail here. And in this luxury, every detail is relevant as a kind of rare mosaic.

It is noted, then, that sharing its history is paramount at the Conservatorium Hotel, receiving the initiative, hands, designs and mastery of the Italian architect Piero Lissoni. The result is a contrast to the original architecture, but giving a new face and adding contemporary elements. History and identity are not far behind – regularly collaborating with the Conservatorium van Amsterdam music school, the hotel also expresses art in the form of music, a universal language that speaks for itself as if there were no barriers. On Saturdays and Sundays, live music is an attraction in the Lounge, spreading huge talents. In the central atrium is The Brasserie & Lounge, where you can watch the sun rise and set out from the floor-to-ceiling glass windows, making outdoor nature a summation of the upcoming food experiences. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the most pleasant times of the year, try to relax in the outdoor area while enjoying a typical European afternoon tea. The Menu is varied, with excellent wine list, and dishes prepared with fresh and organic ingredients, living up to the climate of freedom that is observed in the city – flowers and colors in every corner, bridges that open paths and many bicycles wherever passes, a proof that Amsterdam is an easy destination to explore, that is open arms to welcome with particular aromas, melodies and flavors. As a world traveler, I can say that The Brasserie & Lounge offers one of the best buffet and a la carte breakfast. It is not only about the quality of what is served, but the way it is arranged and the differentiated service enchant and impress. The desire is to lengthen the meal while contemplating the movement in the hotel for hours and hours. The ambient music, which seems to be handpicked, is also a detail that makes a difference in the Conservatorium.

In the 129 rooms spread over eight floors, we can realize even more how contemporary luxury blends in perfectly with the historical architecture. It creates an intimate atmosphere and quite welcoming from the use of a very calming colors palette and minimalist decoration objects that do not steal the scene. On the contrary: the elegant selection of objects is the complement that can not miss Piero Lissoni’s proposal, resulting in comfortable and spacious rooms. There are 46 different themed suites that invite guests to enter the Amsterdam climate – Concert Suite is inspired by music rooms featuring 90 square meters; I Love Amsterdam Suite is a triplex with its own terrace rooftop, 155 square meters and breathtaking views; with private elevator and 170 square meters, The Penthouse Suite is absolutely unique. In addition to the cinema inside the suite and dining room for up to eight guests, it is possible to book and close the entire sixth floor of the hotel just for you. Not to mention technology: guests will also feel welcome with the iPads available to control the functions of the suite, such as lighting, temperature, sound system, television. Conservatorium Hotel gives plenty of reasons to recharge after a full day in the city. Thought as a refuge and inspired by the four elements, Akasha Holistic is the pure peace in the form of a wellness center. The ten treatment rooms, including one for couples, Hammam, and Life Fitness with rooms for other activities like yoga and pilates, make Akasha the most complete Wellbeing center in Amsterdam hotels. It is the only one to offer Watsu pool for customized water treatments and guided meditation. Still, an authentic Menu with light dishes, teas, juices and energy drinks may be a good option for those who do not stray from a Healthy Lifestyle.

Vincent Van Gogh said: “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”. This is exactly what the Conservatorium represents and wants to communicate. I may seem repetitive, but richness is in every detail. The thought of each experience for those who visit and stay in the hotel results in unbeatable luxury. Schilo van Coevorden is the Dutch Chef who signs the creative gastronomy, leaving his mark with the beauty, flavor, aroma and texture of each ingredient. And the nights do not repeat themselves – in the Tunes Bar, with Jazz style, the spirit bottles decorate the wall, making reference to the colors of Amsterdam; and the drinks can be a surprise at every choice made. Taiko is the restaurant with contemporary Asian cuisine and cosmopolitan atmosphere. All dishes are prepared with local and seasonal ingredients, added to the service that leaves everyone amazed in a very good way. Enthusiastic I am writing about this hotel that not only promises but fulfills its real purpose: to tell a new story every day, but without forgetting its past, a great responsible for the classic modernity and luxury that it has today. Conservatorium Hotel has a gallery with beauty salon and great stores – jewelry, cosmetics, cigars, clothing and lifestyle. I believe I found the perfect phrase to describe the property: a palace evoking sophistication, and the right destination for design-minded intellectual travelers. I hope to return many, many times. With the heart always open to keep every moment alive.

  • Nicole Pozza visited Amsterdam as an invitation of I amsterdam – Amsterdam&Partners | Amsterdam Luxury. 

Source: Amsterdam Luxury | Conservatorium Hotel | Novo Luxo – images: release and personal archive (May, 2019)

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