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The power of smartphone according to PwC survey

The recent and unpublished annual PwC survey points out that half of Brazilians use their smartphone for shopping. Between 2013 and 2019, the percentage more than tripled – 15% to 50%.

Evaluating categories, online shopping grew more in Health and Beauty (12% to 26%), and 57% of consumers are already purchasing at Amazon in 2019. Many Brazilians (44%) make payments through Apps installed on their smartphones. Speaking of entertainment, respondents (52%), increasingly, turn to digital newspapers and magazines as a source of information.

In the physical stores, the research reveals that the Brazilian is also much more demanding at the time of the purchase decision. According to the Brazilian, for a better experience, stores should invest in technology for faster payments, reducing lines. A store with an easy, organized and strategic layout is much more attractive for consumption.

In terms of food, about one-third of the interviewees made micro-trips – visits to supermarkets and grocery stores lasting approximately five minutes. Still, 60% mentioned that, at some point, might come to buy food online. Currently, the distrust regarding the quality of the products that will be delivered at home is the main barrier. In view of the strong demand for healthier foods, 69% are willing to pay higher prices for organic products.

Regarding consumption habits within the automotive sector, 28% say they are interested in buying an autonomous car at the moment, while 31% point to a possibility for the near future. Only 8% stressed that they are not interested in autonomous vehicles.

The power of smartphone also draws attention within the health category, where consumers are likely to acquire Apps for medical monitoring – body, physical exercises, among others. Visit this link to download the full survey available in Portuguese.

Source: PwC – 2019 Global Consumer Insights Survey – images: release (May, 2019)

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