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Guerlain Spa Experience at One&Only The Palm

In Dubai at One&Only The Palm, new treatments are being offered to those seeking to relax body, mind and soul. This is Guerlain Spa: the only space of the renowned Paris brand, founded in 1828, in the United Arab Emirates.

Guerlain Spa is a retreat with individual and couples suites, private one with Hammam, in addition to relaxation room, swimming pool and lounge. All this to make the experiences and treatments even more unique.

Among the News are the sessions with the power of the Black Orchid from Peru, which are part of the “Orchidée Impériale Black” experience. As a revolutionary anti-aging, the treatment combines Guerlain’s Blackimmune™ technology, reaching 95% of the cells involved in the skin self-defense system from high-quality techniques that restore skin firmness, density and elasticity.

Guests and visitors can also experience the “Abeille Royale Honey Repair” – within the Treatment Menu, this is an option that uses precious and personalized movements as well as products with active and powerful ingredients. Abeille Royale, derived from the pure honey and royal jelly of the Black Bee, is largely responsible for restorative power.

As a deep and innovative massage, the new “Body Lift” is another option to restore the luminosity of the skin and ensure firmness to face and body. This back massage is followed by a series of fluid movements that help to sculpt the body and then firm the silhouette.

Guerlain Spa also offers special discounts on all Menu treatments between Sunday and Wednesday from 10 am to 1 pm. Enjoy!

Source: One&Only The Palm – images: release (May, 2019)

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