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Nespresso presents premium sustainable pen

The Nespresso premium ballpoint pen, produced from recycled aluminum capsules, is a new exclusive product in partnership with Caran d’Ache.

As a limited edition, the new accessory reinforces the use of post-recycling aluminum and, along with the Swiss brand of art paper and writing instruments, wishes to highlight the sustainability issue as a reminder to consumers.

The pen is classic and elegant, a result of the recycled Nespresso Dharkan coffee capsules. Its color is blue which, with the innovative design and use of recycled aluminum, secured the Stylographe trophy to the two brands within the category L’Ecriture au Quotidien.

The Shared Value Creation and Corporate Communication Manager, Claudia Leite, adds: “we invest so that the recycling happens in favor of the environment, thinking about the whole chain. Nespresso helps partners to correctly destine the raw material, acting in a responsible for the environment and the process according to each country in which it operates. The pen comes to reinforce and illustrate that recycling can result in the creation of new objects, giving a new value to what has already been considered a waste”.

In Brazil, Nespresso’s recycling system has more than 90 collection points. By 2020, recycling coverage will be increased to 100% from The Positive Cup global plan, ensuring that each cup provides a unique experience and positive impact on the environment and society.

The Nespresso Caran d’Ache product is available in Nespresso boutiques and stores specializing in writing instruments or fine paper, with a Goliath ink cartridge with a capacity of up to 600 A4 pages.

Source: Nespresso – images: release (May, 2019)

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