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Combining technology and innovation, Bike Personal is designed by Antonio Citterio

During Salone del Mobile 2019, the Italian brand of solutions and equipment for the Fitness and Wellness segments, Technogym, presented the new bicycle with the style of the designer Antonio Citterio.

The new Bike Personal combines technology and innovation, equipped with different training programs, as well as becoming a design object that fits very well in any internal or external area.

With the design of Citterio, Bike is quite elegant with the highest level of micro-polished steel and aluminum, integrating Technogym’s Personal line and guaranteeing exclusive and personalized experiences.

Speaking of personalized experiences, Bike Personal is connected to the brand’s digital MyWellness platform, offering content and programs dedicated to fitness, sports and health. Still, with the digital touchscreen interface (UNITY), users have access to their data, content, applications, favorite websites, social media, TV channels, as well as YouTube and Netflix.

Anyone in Milan will be able to check out the launch at the Technogym boutique, which offers a captivating installation and exhibition inspired by the Wellness universe, with the collaboration of the Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel studio.

As a dominant trend, influencing consumers, the idea of ​​activation is to explore well-being and healthy lifestyles by displaying gym solutions for home according to available space, residence style, and training needs of each user.

Source: Technogym – images: release (April, 2019)

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