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Orfeu Matiello is a tribute to one of the world’s largest coffee researchers

Orfeu, the most awarded Brazilian coffee brand, presents Matiello, a limited edition celebrating Dr. José Braz Matiello, one of the largest coffee researchers in the world.

The Brazilian researcher, dedicating his life in search of the perfect grain, counts on more than 50 years of experience in coffee to develop new varieties of more resistant plants and with flavors and aromas worth of Special Category.

Agronomist at Procafé Foundation, Dr. José Braz Matiello collaborates for Brazil to occupy the list of the most awarded coffee in the world. In view of his attention and persistence, Orfeu pays a sincere homage to one of the rare creations.

The limited edition Matiello shows the best of the Acauã variety, a result of the cross between Sachimore and Mundo Novo. With bright red berries, it is a late maturation and medium roast coffee, presenting acidity and body balanced with cacao and vanilla notes. In the evaluation of the Brazilian Association of Special Coffees, this coffee won 87 points.

Like other Orfeu rare coffees, this brand is always ready to innovate and attentive to the new varieties of coffee. Matiello is the symbol of a special and awarded coffee in the cup of the Brazilians.

Also at the brand’s e-commerce, Orfeu Matiello is available in grain, roasted and ground version, and biodegradable capsules compatible with Nespresso machines.

Source: Orfeu – images/video: release (March, 2019)

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