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St. Regis Doha is the dream hotel in Qatar

Located on the edge of the Persian Gulf, the stunning St. Regis Doha is in the diplomatic region, welcoming many important people and sheiks.

The hotel has a metal detector right at the main entrance, demanding greater security, as well as a big and very receptive staff.

Beyond security, of course, St. Regis’ architecture draws attention from so far, quite imposing and full of stories to share.

Novo Luxo team stayed in the Grand Deluxe room overlooking the water, where the four-poster bed provides refinement and creates an atmosphere of royalty from the Middle Ages.

On the other hand, next to the bathtub of immersion, the screen in the mirror transports us to a futuristic and technological time to not waste time.

In the apartment, the fruit and sweets, elegantly arranged in plateau decorated with welcome message, as well as the presentation of the butler Mr. Nagesh Karri to serve us at any time of day or night, confirmed the unforgettable luxury that was to come.

Exploring the hotel, this is immense with south and north wings. But, do not worry: there will always be attentive staff to assist and indicate the best direction.

Elegance is in every detail, and guests and visitors can easily delight in the décor. Rest in the inviting armchairs to enjoy a delicious local tea!

If preference is rest in the open-air lounge, it is also possible at the St. Regis Doha – The Raw Bar awaits all with arms wide open, offering breathtaking views, sofas and drinks for all tastes.

Wishing for a moment that is not so contemplative, the suggestion is the bustling Oyster Bay & Bar by the pool. In the very sand of the beach, but with carpets for those who do not want to dirty their feet, the fun starts with DJ until sunset, drinks and food.

The experience is indescribable when you immerse yourself in the warm water of the Olympic pool, just in front of the Persian Gulf. The desire is to stay there until the next day. Or even more.

At the hotel, everyone is called by name and, in the pool area, guests are greeted with fluffy towels and water inside a cooler. The gardens are just perfect for a relaxing afternoon while reading the newspaper or a good book.

And what about the breakfast? To start a lovely day, at the entrance to the restaurant, creative fruit shots are waiting for us to impress. But what really impresses is the variety of foods, including shrimp.

St. Regis Doha offers more than ten different restaurants including a Lebanese where you can choose the fish to eat directly from the aquarium. With international cuisine, the intimate Sarab Lounge is on the hotel’s rooftop.

The Club At The St. Regis Doha is the ideal place for all those wishing a party atmosphere, as it offers Night Club, DJ and live band according to the evening schedule.

There is contemplation and agitation, as well as well-being and self-care: the exclusive Remède Spa has modern treatments and high quality products for face and body.

St. Regis Doha also has a special and interesting corner for cakes that are prepared in the hotel itself. The guest can consult options and prices for occasions such as birthday and other celebrations. Décor is fantastic!

The fun does not stop here. Water skiing in the private beach, jet skiing, volleyball, table tennis, sauna, fitness center with instructor and gym classes are just some of the activities available to those seeking adventure or just feed the soul with good times in Doha.

  • Novo Luxo visited Doha and was invited to stay at St. Regis Hotel.

Text: Carla Pozza

Source: St. Regis Hotel Doha | Novo Luxo – images: release (January, 2019)

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