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Interview: luxury real estate market with Matias Alem

Owner of BRG International, the broker and architect, Matias Alem, is an expert in luxury real estate market in Miami.

According to him, high-profile projects and also signed by famous international brands are responsible for bringing great benefits to the city, attracting new investors and affluent people.

To understand a little more about this market and the current moment, Novo Luxo chats with the Brazilian Matias Alem. Good reading!

Novo Luxo – As an architect, what is the most innovative project in general and why?

Matias Alem – The most innovative I say is Elysian Park due to healthy lifestyle curation, with yoga classes, natural cooking in its restaurants. The building was built with this proposal.

NL – How do you see the luxury real estate market in Miami when compared to other international markets?

MA – Miami is still under development compared to London, New York, Paris and even São Paulo. Both culturally and economically, the city is still on the rise and this is an opportunity to buy a property in front of the beach in the city’s best building and location with a good value for money. Miami lifestyle is much better compared to other major cities.

NL – What is the profile of the luxury developments’ buyer?

MA – The profile is always the same as the city. Second, third or fourth residence, and the buyer generally does not live in the city for the entire year. Americans lead the ranking. The Brazilians who bought during the crisis have the opportunity to now sell their property to the Americans.

NL – For you, what is luxury?

MA – Luxury is easy to be in front of the beach and have everything you need around you.

NL – What are the main ways to add luxury to a project, for example?

MA – Adding amenities and facilities to their owners, thinking about the buyer needs. At Porsche one, for example, the ease is you see your car from your living room.

NL – How do you evaluate the participation of Brazilians in the real estate market in Miami?

MA – The participation of the Brazilian market in Miami has increased after a large reduction in view of the crisis in the country. It is worth remembering that this last high of the dollar has also affected, but we believe that this rise is temporary and the market will grow again. In any case, the Brazilian’s interest in Miami will always exist and is growing, but it will always flow according to the Brazilian economy.

NL – What to expect from Miami in the future? And architecture? What could exist in a few years that we never imagined in practice today?

MA – Cars that go their own way will significantly affect architecture. From the moment you no longer need to drive your car, you no longer need to keep it in the garage and this will affect the building codes, the way you project the buildings, the city in general. So the new buildings will be designed thinking more about the pedestrians, rather than the car. The projects are already being designed in places with easy access to the pedestrian.

Matias Alem, broker, architect and founder of BRG International

Source: Matias Alem – images: release (June, 2018)

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