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Explore Turkey and Istanbul with Turkish Airlines

Turkey is a fascinating discovery, and Istanbul is a city full of color and history. Flying to more than 300 destinations, Turkish Airlines is the only one that offers, in Brazil, the direct route to Istanbul. A highly awarded airline – considered the best in Europe for six consecutive years, as well as recognized by Skytrax as the airline with the best Business Class Lounge, Dining in the Lounge and Business Class catering onboard with Flying Chef’s creative service. For travelers, without a doubt, Turkish Airlines is one of the best airlines in the world.

Have you ever imagined traveling to Turkey? In the minds of many Brazilians, this idea is not mature yet because they think that the location is not very safe or is close to the regions of conflict. But, believe me, this is not true. The country provides incredible experiences with nature, culture and history, as well as allowing reflection and contact with new beliefs and ideas. Life is only one, and we must never miss the bridge that connects Europe and Asia. Try the different, be carried away by the world that is anxious to share all the beauty of Turkey – new scents, flavors and landscapes that stay in the memory forever. Istanbul, for example, is a destination similar to São Paulo in some ways, but do not think that two or three days there will be more than enough. On the contrary, a week in Istanbul may be short. For those who seek to discover the past, the activities in the city are very intense and full of energy. Just like Brazilians, Turks are agitated and enjoy the day to the fullest: a boat tour to the islands and Kadiköy, a quick stop for an authentic Turkish coffee to whet your appetite, or even a delicious tea is part of the routine of who lives there. Istanbul is similar to São Paulo, because no one stops. People make it happen. Or rather, they want to live, achieving and overcoming each small or big step without giving up.

The climatic diversity in the country is contagious, and it is possible to feel varied temperatures in one same day. A blessed place with majestic mountains, valleys, rivers, waterfalls, caves, where fans of adventure and sports can fulfill their biggest dreams. Get ready to notice an accelerated traffic in Istanbul, but at the same time, feel safe. We see police on the street, and X-ray controls are everywhere – hotels, airports, and especially touristic attractions. This city is part of the incredible mosaic called Turkey, colored and formed by such great diversity of all kinds as the more than 10,000 species of plants. Turkey is the home of beautiful tulips. Also be enchanted with the wide variety of animals. In Istanbul alone, dogs and cats are many wherever we are, well treated and fed by locals and government programs.

Istanbul is rich, and that is exactly what I wanna tell you. Looking for pictures in magazines and on the internet, the passion already happens. It’s like this: simple and immediate. Of course there are enthusiastic visitors to the balloon tours in Cappadocia, but Istanbul is different. It is a city like ours, but with a lot of beauty and secrets to tell. It has the honor to have been capital of three Empires – Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. It is one of the most beautiful spots in the world where people follow different religions and share the same territory. Believe in the power of renewal and truly discover the stories behind every detail, whether you’re drinking the typical long-brewed coffee in which you can not add sugar after preparation, or enjoying the warm tea served in the special set that everyone wants to take home. In fact, Turks are great tea lovers, consuming, on average, 12 cups a day. Can you believe it? The richness of the city lies in people, in buildings, in gastronomy. Get in the mood and try the spiciest foods, such as appetizers and soups. The Turkish pizza is light, very different from what we call pizza, but it is very delicious as are the desserts sweetened with honey.

Widen Your World. Widen your world with Turkish Airlines, which does not take off just to show new paths in Europe and the rest of the world, but opens the eyes of everyone to live experiences from new perspectives. An example is to look at the Bosphorus and be sure that your life will not be the same anymore. Life is a new one as you have allowed the water, purity, immensity, and breathtaking scenery to enter into you and take hold of yourself. The feeling is of wanting more and staying in the city. So seven days seems like little time in Istanbul. The magic is in every corner, and now I carry it as part of me. Explore the destination with the airline, which presents a new definition of hospitality and benefits for passengers. Among them is the Stopover service, a great option for passengers with connection time at the airport, who can discover some of the destination while waiting for the next flight to another country. Turkish Airlines wants to show how Istanbul can be a hotspot as an urban center not only recognized by history, which is giant, but also by design and business.

In the Stopover experience, passengers have free accommodation. Flying Economy Class, it is possible to request a voucher during check-in to spend an evening at a four-star hotel. Business Class travelers can ask for two nights at a five-star hotel in the Sultanahment and Taksim region. Turkish Airlines also offers Tours for those who stay at least 06 hours at Atatürk International Airport. The project is brilliant, as it contributes to local tourism and increase the number of passengers flying the airline routes. Launched in 2017, Istanbul Bosphorus Experience is a new program dedicated to Business Class passengers, who can sail through the Bosphorus by private boat, enjoying the incredible sights and wishing to return to the city once again. Three, seven, ten times. To enjoy this exclusive experience, you need a minimum of seven hours of connection. Istanbul is synonymous with life and memories to share – live intensely, feel the wind in your hair, consume the freedom that is right in front of you. Say thanks, make new plans and go after your biggest dreams. Nothing is impossible, and this is the proposal of Europe’s largest airline: enabling you to explore Istanbul, Turkey and the world in a unique way. Business Class passengers can book the tour online with the code on bosphorus.turkishairlines.com, which includes guide, drinks, snacks and WiFi on the boat, as well as a meal (breakfast, lunch or dinner) at the luxury hotel Ciragan Palace Kempinski, a true Ottoman Imperial Palace.

Turkey is fabulous, and the nightlife in Istanbul is one of its strong features. Open air bars and restaurants, happy hours, friends reunions, music and small shops with handmade products and famous of the region (leather goods, spices, silverware, ceramics) move the city. Another tour that is possible to request is the TourIstanbul, a City Tour and immersion in the best of the destination. The guide stops by at the hotel and takes you for a walk to discover attractions like Roman Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Basilica Cistern and the Grand Bazaar. A day to get to know and respect the encounter of different religions. Surprise yourself with The Sultan Ahmed (Blue) Mosque, the only Mosque with six minarets, built between 1609 and 1617 (it took more than seven years to be ready). A masterpiece with admirable architecture whose name comes from the handmade blue ornaments from inside the Mosque. Fall in love with the Hagia Sophia Church that unites the different religions and displays original mosaics. Or, take a deep breath to connect to the so-called submerged Palace, Basilica Cistern, which occupies a 140 meters wide area and stored about 100,000 tons of water. Interesting sights that just need your imagination to go back in time and understand the true meaning and importance. TourIstanbul also includes a lunch in a typical restaurant to discover the wonders of the Ottoman gastronomy.

  • Flying Turkish Airlines Business Class 

I’ll test you. Close your eyes and try to find memories of the most unforgettable experience you lived. Remembered? Now, open your eyes and listen carefully: traveling in Turkish Airlines Business Class is even more exciting. The passenger is important to the airline from the beginning to the end of the trip. Airport check-in is quick and there is access to the Turkish Airlines Lounge and Star Alliance lounges outside Istanbul. We are the first to board the Boeing 777-300 aircraft, responsible for the Guarulhos – Istanbul route. The Business Class layout is 2-3-2, designed to provide maximum comfort and privacy. It’s not just a flying experience. It is the flying experience! The crew on board is numerous and there will be many attendants wondering if you are well. Welcome drinks are served as soon as we sit down to start this memorable trip. The seat, which turns into a 1.88 cm bed, is prepared right at the beginning to make you relax. The idea is to make the passenger feel at home with the fluffy and fragranced bedding kit, plus the slippers, of course. The shivers of emotion just come when thinking about those moments with Turkish Airlines.

Enjoy the massage function in the seat. Fly with Turkish hospitality and count the hours in flight to arrive in Turkey, which will be with arms wide open. At the same time, do not count the hours – enjoy all the features available in the seats, such as reading lamp, adjustable and rotating table, seat control, and others. Onboard entertainment is modern with content in 23 languages, over 800 TV programs and touch screen control. Passengers’ headphones inhibit noise, and free internet access is possible throughout the flight. Turkish hospitality draws attention, even more so with the Flying Chefs, who prepare meals having the best flavors of Turkish and international cuisine. And it does not stop there: if the passenger does not like the Menu options, the Chef can prepare something special at any time with the fresh ingredients available. For long routes, the Menu is quite complete with appetizers, hot starters, a la carte dishes, dessert buffet, all-day snacks, drinks, tea and Turkish coffee. Together with the meals, flight attendants bring candlelight to the tables to simply mark that moment. Passengers may also request newspapers and magazines, hot towels and wake-up calls. Toilets are elegant with mirrors, green plants and excellent amenities. In addition to the sleeping kit with pillow, cushion, bedspread and pillow to support the waistline, Turkish Airlines receives all Business Class passengers with kits with personal care products.

I’ll test you again. Did you put yourself in my place and imagined all this? How did you feel about it? I can already say: flying Turkish Airlines is the best and most pleasurable travel experience!

Traveling in the airline’s Business Class also means having access to the award-winning Lounge in Istanbul – relax on the sofas and armchairs, listen to the piano, enjoy delicious food and have fun with the kids in the playroom, games area, pool table, movie theater and even in the autorama or golf simulator. Get a massage, take a long shower or recover from fatigue in one of our hotel-style private suites. Miles&Smiles Elite and Elite Plus cardholders, as well as Star Alliance Gold members can also use the magnificent lounge.

We can say that Turkey and Istanbul are examples of the progress of humanity. The objects and monuments of the past provide a real insight into the origins and what is currently experienced. If you still had not thought of going to this rich country, I hope I’ve made you change your mind. Get rid of the cliché and seek new extraordinary experiences. Explore the European and Asian sides of Istanbul, each with its own particularities, but complete to donate stories to visitors. Explore the islands like Buyükada, the largest of all the Princes’ Islands where you will not find cars. The horseback ride is a success on the Island. Expand your world with Turkish Airlines to live memorable experiences and repeat your favorites. Fall in love with Istanbul too, and count the days to be back.

Source: Turkish Airlines and Novo Luxo – images: release and personal archive (May, 2018)

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