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Illy Caffè: the new luxury is in sustainability

Illy Caffè, from Italy, is committed to offering the best coffee in the world. In more than 140 countries, the coffee brand founded in Trieste in 1933 is present in homes, coffee shops, restaurants and hotels.

Over 7 million cups of Illy coffee are consumed per day. Did you know that? Illy produces a 100% arabica unique blend of espresso coffee, and grains come from more than nine countries. Brazil is the main supplier.

The Italian brand is the founder of Università del Caffè, the center responsible for spreading coffee culture, training baristas, coffee growers, shops and passionate about coffee. With the Università del Caffè, Illy supports environmentally responsible practices and communicates knowledge about coffee cultivation, processing and trade.

One can say that Illy’s new luxury is not only in the beauty, art and design we see, but also in sustainability, which is something very important for the brand. Taking care of the environment makes Illy the world leader in sustainably grown coffee.

The brand’s passion is in excellence and turning coffee into an opportunity for a better life – many hands help make the coffee blend unique, and Illy makes a point of rewarding those who take part in the process, whether through direct payment producers or access to the best coffees in the world. Illy Caffè pays coffee growers, on average, 30% above the market price for high quality grains.

In addition to sustainability, there is a strong bond with the universe of the arts. Therefore, the aesthetic beauty of the products draws attention. Coffee machines and cups appear as paintings, where the designs communicate messages as well. Illy is present at some of the world’s leading art festivals, encouraging talent and delivering the Illy Sustain Art Award since 2007.

Source: Illy Caffè – images: release (May, 2018)

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