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La Pluie: to travel with more color and style

Make it rain or shine, it doesn’t matter. La Pluie guarantees comfortable travel even with rain, offering a range of colorful and stylish raincoats. Now it’s not bad to walk in the rain. Not even a little!

The brand’s production is low, working with exclusive products. The colors and prints attract attention, as they do not look like simple raincoats. Quite the contrary, they are very unique and fashion, and can be used on several occasions as a modern look.

All La Pluie female pieces are functional with water repellent fabric, fit at the waist, sleeves and hood, making them tailored and customized for each woman.

The brand currently offers eight raincoats and prints options, shipping to Brazil as a whole. Click here to access the online store (with measurement chart) and get to know the products, with prices ranging from R$ 269,00 to R$ 299,00 in the country. Please, allow yourself more color!

Source: La Pluie – images: release (April, 2018)

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