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Get ready for Jaguar Land Rover and James Bond mission

In Austria, ELEMENTS 007 is the first immersive and interactive cinematographic installation of James Bond in Sölden to promote exclusive experiences.

Jaguar Land Rover, present in 007 movies since 1983, joins Bond for a three-year mission – ELEMENTS 007.

The facility is at the top of Gaislachkogl peak, 3050 meters high, and will offer visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of the iconic secret agent.

Experience Marketing Director at UK’s largest automaker, Mark Cameron, says: “from one British icon to another, Jaguar Land Rover is proud to be part of ELEMENTS 007, the new James Bond experience. We have collaborated with EON Production and Cable Car Companies Sölden to showcase our vehicles that were part of Bond’s history and the latest technologies in this unique facility overlooking the Ötztal Alps”

ELEMENTS 007 will open to the public on July 12, where visitors will be able to live memorable experiences with 007 movies and technologies presented by Jaguar Land Rover. More info here!

Source: Jaguar Land Rover – images: release (April, 2018)

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