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Cyrela by Pininfarina: a dream come true

Cyrela itself says that this is the most modern and daring project ever developed. Cyrela by Pininfarina is the result of the partnership with the Italian design studio, which participated 100%.

This is, in addition to being the first Pininfarina project in Brazil, the residential is the first in the world to be fully built in conjunction with the office in Italy.

Pininfarina, responsible for several Ferrari models, incorporated the dynamism and heritage of a car into the architecture, resulting in a unique building with sporty lines and a lot of elegance.

Cyrela by Pininfarina is a venture that carries the Italian studio DNA, a work of art and a dream come true on 705 Fiandeiras Street in São Paulo. The address means being in one of the most noble axes of São Paulo City.

According to Paolo Pininfarina, elegance is always synonymous with luxury, and design must carry an essence, being astonishing and innovative. Luxury should always be dosed and sustainable and should not be confused with pure ostentation, but it is a great potential to generate progress to society.

You can see the luxury in Cyrela by Pininfarina, because the design is remarkable and the project has the proposal of offering unique experiences to the residents, from the furniture (Pininfarina or Made in Italy) to the services.

In the pool area, for example, everything is inspired by cars. The sun loungers display movement and sports lines. Regarding the exclusive services, Manager is the one chosen to give special attention to the residents.

The administrator, already known for differentiated services far beyond account control, will take to the property the personalized attention of the 6-star hotels – General Manager, Concierge and Receptionists.

Safety on site is paramount. Manager guarantees: the selected team is very well trained and will adopt a differentiated model of safety procedures.

In addition, residents have at their disposal fitness center with full schedule of physical activities from 7 am to 9 pm, and personal trainer upon request.

Cyrela by Pininfarina is synonymous with design and lifestyle. All residents will have access to a services Menu that includes daily cleaning, laundry and maintenance. The apartments are 01 bedroom, with 47 to 96m2 of private area, and up to two parking spaces. Book a visit here!

Source: Cyrela by Pininfarina – images: release (April, 2018)

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