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Taittinger and you at the World Cup in Russia

Are you looking forward to the World Cup? You will be very anxious knowing that Taittinger is the FIFA 2018’s official champagne.

The bottle comes with a special and limited-edition label, as well as packaging inspired by the Russian achievements in space with the Sputnik satellite.

The traditional Maison from Reims in France will be present in many bars and restaurants around the world, being the official champagne of the World Cup for the second consecutive year.

The shades of blue and silver provide a holographic cosmic effect to the bottle’s commemorative label, allowing light reflection and movement.

In addition, FIFA 18 World Cup Trophy, as well as Russia’s flag colors, make the bottle a true collector item for a huge fan of champagne.

The Taittinger differential is in aromatic potency (three years of rest in cellar), and the drink is produced from the Chardonnay (40%), Pinot Noir (35%) and Pinot Meunier (25%) grapes with notes of brioche, peach, apricot, white and citrus flowers, vanilla and honey.

The result is a fresh and delicate champagne, but a very expressive one, and just perfect to celebrate the world’s most important football event. Cheers!

Source: Taittinger – images: release (April, 2018)

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