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PayPal reveals: more than 84% of Brazilians use smartphone or tablet to buy something

Last year, the number of requests via mobile devices grew beyond 35%, and almost 1/4 of e-commerce sales in Brazil came from smartphones or tablets.

M-Consumers (public that purchases by mobile devices) appear in a relevant way in all segments, from services to travel and tourism.

According to IBGE, 92.1% of access to the network is already happening through smartphones or tablets. Even so, the numbers in the Opinion Box survey show that there is still a lot to grow.

According to the study commissioned by PayPal, 30% of the Brazilian population has the habit of starting a purchase on the smartphone, finishing it on the computer. And 20% said the reverse.

The champion category of purchases on mobile devices is Services, which includes applications for transportation, food, and others, totaling 84%.

76% of the sample pointed Products as the second category of the list, such as products from pharmacy, supermarket, clothing, books, among others.

Third is the Peer Purchases category, including furniture, electronics, appliances, achieving 75% of multiple responses. Travel and Tourism is in the last position with 55%.

Opinion Box also wanted to know which is the most used method of payment for M-Consumers, and the credit card was the most cited – 69% of the public uses the card to pay during Travel and Tourism purchases.

PayPal is the most cited within Digital Consumption by 33% of respondents. Travel and Tourism appears in second position with 32% of Brazilians.

M-Consumers consider themselves consumers as planned. In Travel and Tourism category, for example, 86% guarantee to plan before the actual purchase.

The study also points out that it is much easier to buy via mobile in Services category (72%), and the shopping experience with Travel and Tourism is the most difficult of all. 

Source: PayPal | Opinion Box – images: release (March, 2018)

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